Reach your dream weight by summer!

Do you want to get in shape for the summer, in a supportive community of women your age? Get help losing weight through good food & simple habits that actually work. Secure your spot at a SALE price today!

How you'll get help to succeed:

Adjusted for you

Eat food that you enjoy, get assistance with workouts tailored to your ability, and discover how easy weight loss can be!

You don't have to wonder

Have a coach by your side to help you through your 10 weeks, so you always receive the support you need!

Get help & support

Join a private group with other women your age, where you get encouragement, support, and motivation from like-minded women!

No risks for you

You are protected by our 3-month money-back guarantee and also a right of withdrawal if the arrangement doesn't suit you!

Eat good food and lose weight!

Stop struggling with strict diets that don’t suit you. From us, you get a personalized meal plan that fits your life & your daily routine.

Delicious food, calculated according to the amount that you should eat. Ensuring that you see results both on the scale, in your well-being, and in the mirror!

Exercise at your level, on your terms.

Stop with workouts that don’t suit you and your body. With us, you create your success on your own terms, whether you want to exercise at home, at the gym, walk, or not exercise at all.

We develop a tailor-made plan for you with clear instructional videos for each exercise. All to help you achieve your goals, in a simple way without complicated workout routines!

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The weight of help & support
You are not alone!

Changing your lifestyle and reaching your weight goals can feel difficult. Past failures, life’s challenges, or the cost of healthy food can make the journey tough. So, how can you make it easier?

With DreamShape, you’ll never feel alone.

Imagine the feeling of constant encouragement, support from a community, and a coach who truly understands and cares about you.

Instead of generic advice, you receive customized solutions – exquisite recipes, flexible workouts, and invaluable inspiration. DreamShape isn’t just a program. It’s your sounding board, your advisor, your support at every step towards your goals.

So why not choose a different path this time?

Get the help you need to achieve your DreamShape. Discover the power of having the right support and tools during your weight journey. We’re starting a new group now, and spots are filling up quickly. Prioritize yourself this time & join DreamShape now!

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A united community
Where you'll get help

a 10 week program

A personalized program tailored to your circumstances. Get help with your diet & exercise without all the hassle, stress, & pressure. Feel how easy it can be to reach your goals!

A shared motivational group

During these 10 weeks, you'll be part of a shared motivational group with other participants. Look forward to challenges, help, tips & contests where you can win great prizes!

How it works:

Meet Dreamshape's Revoulutionized diet- & Workoutplan:

200+ tasty & easy recipes:

Dive into a world of exquisite & nutritious treasures, perfectly balanced to be delicate yet healthy. Each recipe is handpicked to taste fantastic while helping you reach your goals. Plus, healthy baked goods & sweets!

A dietplan that helps you:

Stop guessing. You’ll get a diet plan tailored to you and your body’s needs. Follow our simple step-by-step guidelines to achieve your short-term & long-term goals smoothly and efficiently.

Workouts that fits for you:

Not just a workout plan – but a solution that matches your ability, schedule, and goals. Each exercise comes with detailed instructional videos, so you don’t have to wonder if you’re doing it right.

Get help in our community:

Join our shared Facebook group and feel the power of collective motivation. Get daily challenges, tips & advice, share progress, and meet others on the same journey as you.

Get help & support from our coaches:

You’re not alone on this journey. Our team of expert trainers is always ready to offer advice, support, and customized solutions to ensure you reach your goals. With personal follow-ups every week!

Contests with amazing prizes:

Here’s a fun twist to the setup – participate in our exciting contests within the program and have the chance to win exclusive prizes, like a luxurious hotel stay, gift cards, and other fun items!

It doesn't stop there...

In addition to all of the above, you also get access to:

+ a list of ”free food” that you can fill up on when you’re feeling hungry

+ The big food list, with all types of food & drink rated according to how healthy it is for you

+ Help to be able to treat yourself to something nice on the weekend, without ruining your progress

+ A guide on how to change your bad habits into healthy ones.

All this plus more, from 899kr



Choose your package below and get in shape

50 spots left


10 weeks help to lose weight

kr1299 kr 899
  • Support group filled with women
  • Food & receipes for your needs
  • Personal plan adjusted for you
  • Flexibelworkouts for your level
  • Lots of smart tools
Always with a full right of withdrawal & results guarantee.


With more help and weekly follow up

kr2599 kr 1499
  • All thats included in standard pack+
  • Video-instructions from your coach
  • Changes and adjustments
  • Extra support & help
  • Weekly follow up
Always with a full right of withdrawal & results guarantee.


Both packages mean that you get a personalized plan based on your circumstances.

We help you with your diet & exercise so you can succeed in reaching your goals.

The difference lies in how much support & assistance you feel you need. Plus, with the premium package, you have the option to pause, extend, and transfer your access to the plan. If something comes up, or if you feel like you want to pause and resume your health journey a bit later, then you have that possibility!

Moreover, you get more support & assistance in the premium package from one of our trainers. You then have a coach closely by your side throughout these 10 weeks to support & help you reach your goals!

We start together on April 14, but we’ll kick things off with a bit of a pre-start during the week before.

You’ll make your entire journey in a wonderful community of women.

After the start, you follow your individual plan for 10 weeks before you reach your goal on June 20.

We are with you all the way with help & support to help you succeed!

Moreover, there will be some competitions and challenges in the group where you can win incredible prizes!

In short, it’s completely normal food. You get loads of recipes ranging from delicious pasta dishes, traditional meals, luxurious weekend dishes, and other tasty & good recipes.

Of course, you should be able to eat food that you actually like while losing weight, and we help you with that.

No, this is not a subscription.

You only make a one-time payment, and you will get the best possible help to get in shape.

After your initial payment, you will not pay anything more.

You don’t have to worry about remembering to cancel your subscription; we don’t operate that way 🙂

Of course, you can pay with wellness allowances when getting in shape with us!

At the checkout for registration, you can choose to make your purchase via Wellness!

We are currently connected to Edenred, Epassi, and Benefits.

If you use a different wellness provider, you can pay via Klarna and then submit the receipt to your employer.

Of course, you can!

In fact, you can try the plan for a week and change your mind if you feel that the setup is not right for you. Then, of course, we will refund your money to you without any questions.

So, you have the full right to try the setup for a week after the start, and if it doesn’t suit you, you can change your mind during the first week and get your money back.

Exactly, that’s correct.

We are unique in being able to offer you your money back if you don’t succeed in losing weight.

You get all your money back if you don’t succeed.

This, of course, assumes that you follow the plan you’ve received from us and that you don’t give up after just a week or so.

If it happens that you give up, we are always by your side to help you back on the horse again.

Moreover, we are very keen on you really succeeding. Therefore, we offer you a free extension if you feel you’ve lost time due to illness, injury, travel, or for any other reason.

Of course, you can pay in installments with us.

You simply choose to pay in installments via Klarna at checkout!

No, we believe more in a healthy diet combined with movement & exercise.

However, we are happy to help you incorporate dietary supplements into your diet if you want.

But as mentioned, we do not use this in our setup.

Of course, you can do that. At the checkout, you can choose to pay with Klarna invoice 30 days.

This way, you don’t have to pay anything today, but can instead wait until after you’ve tried the setup.

If you feel that our setup is not right for you, you can choose to cancel your invoice!

Any other question?
Contact us here

Tailored for you In your life & in your everyday

For women who want more than just a change – a total transformation of your body & mind. Start your journey now and see incredible results in just a few weeks.

Dream Shape understands YOU.

We offer more than just a program. We offer a personalized solution. Imagine a diet plan that boosts your energy levels, optimizes your ”feel-good” hormones, and increases your motivation. Combine it with exercise that truly matches your level, weight, health, and schedule.

Our team is a diversity of individuals, with different lifestyles and routines. We’ve learned that one-size-fits-all programs do not exist. Instead, we created Dream Shape: a feedback-driven diet setup that lets you enjoy good food in the right amount, and a workout program flexible enough to suit both your home and your gym.

Dream Shape is your compass – not just to reach your goals but to maintain them. No overwhelming demands, no unnecessary pressure. With us, you’ll find your unique path, a weight loss experience tailored just for you, smoother and more effective than anything you’ve tried before.

Listen to previous customers:

"I didn't expect to see such results, especially considering how smooth and easy the program was. But, WOW! I'm truly overwhelmed by my success!"

Josefine Larsson

"For me, it was never about a quick fix. The Dream Shape setup was so great. The freedom to do everything at my own pace and still see these results? I am SUPER SATISFIED!"

Kerstin Blomberg

"I wanted to find something sustainable. With the Dream Shape setup, I've been able to adapt everything to my own rhythm. I couldn't be more pleased with my incredible results. THANK YOU!"

Annika Ekberg

100% RESULTS - Or all your money back

We’re not just confident that Dream Shape’s plan will change your life – we GUARANTEE it. With thousands of satisfied participants as witnesses, we are proud to offer you a risk-free chance to experience the transformation for yourself.

But if you, for any reason, don’t experience the weight loss results you wish for during your weeks with us, we promise to refund every penny – no hassle.

And we go a step further: Feel free to explore our program for a whole week after your start date. If you feel that the setup isn’t right for you, let us know within the first week. Then, you’ll get a full refund on your registration.

With Dream Shape, you truly have nothing to lose – except excess weight & bad habits!


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